Assorted Distro 7"s - MARKED DOWN EVEN MORE! (Updated 10/3/17)

Image of Assorted Distro 7"s - MARKED DOWN EVEN MORE! (Updated 10/3/17)

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In the midst of some winter cleaning I've marked down a plethora of older distro 7"s. Lots of imported and domestic titles from recent times. Get em while ya can, once they're gone - they're gone! I've included a brief description for each record as well:

BEASTMAN - REINVENTING THE WHEEL EP - Upstate NY weird punk. limited to 350 copies on Reel Time Records. (LAST COPY)

DESPERAT - BORJAN PA SLUTET EP - newest EP from these Swedish rippers featuring ex members of MOB 47. Limited to 500, import on Hardcore Victim Records. (LAST COPY)

HELVETIN VIEMARIT - KAUHEA MELU OKSENNUS EP - Brazilian punks playing Finnish inspired hardcore punk a la Kaaos. Import on Terroten Records, limited to 500 copies. (LAST COPY)

PERTTI KURIKAN NIMIPAIVAT - OMA RAUHA EP - Finnish punk by the band from the documentary THE PUNK SYNDROME, ripping! French pressing on Mutant Records. (LAST COPY)

ULSTER - 95/96 EP - Brazilian punk legends, limited to 500 copies. Import on Terroten Records. (LAST COPY)